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Artist Statement 

2 인효진_Lovers, 120×82cm, Digital Print, 2002
1 인효진_Paradise island , 150×102cm,  Digital Print,  2001
인효진_오감도, 60×400cm, Digital Print, 2008
인효진_High School Lovers_Stiletto#01, 100×66cm, Digital c-print, 2007
1. 인효진_High School Lovers - Romance#01, 120×80cm, Pigment Print, 2007 (2)
인효진_The Lily, 70×100cm, Pigment Print, 2001
1. 인효진_Hot Punk Project_'Paul Smith', 150×225cm, Pigment print, 2009_edited
hot 1

The Playing at Housekeeping of the Doll                    

                                                                              Hyo-Jin  IN


A girl took a look at blue leaf silently sittting down

at the couch with sunshine over her face.

That was shining like dewdrops.

However the shadow was made sadly by the leaf of the tree.


A girl one day has become a doll.


She listened carefully to the conversations and actions of people

and dealt with things one by one in sophisticated way

and was grown up enough to accept human being's joy and anger

with sorrow and pleasure.

But people never realized that she had an emotion and feeling.

Shel was just a child.

People still loved her like a doll.

They combed her hair gently and dressed her beautifully

and let her live at a warm house.

But she was anxious to have a atmosphere of freedom

and was missing flying in the sky.

A sensitive girl used to get hurted by small things happened to her.

She felt isolated and lonely and thought that she could be happy

when she got out of this situation.

She had a dream and wanted to be an adult.


One day, a girl stood up in front of mirror.

She put on a red lipstick and had a pearl necklace and earing.

She put on manicure sincerely and put highheeled shoes.

She struggled to become an adult.


People said 'you are playing at housekeeping.

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