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MFA in Photography, Graduate School of Art & Design, Sang-myoung University
BA in Cultural Anthropology, Han-yang University


Solo Exhibitions
2020  Hot Punk Project_Signature Lines, Space22, Seoul 

2017  Hot Punk Project_Preview, Seojin Art Space, Seoul
2009  Unstable Order, Sung-kok Art Museum, Seoul
2007  High School Lovers : Stiletto, Gallery Kunst Doc, Seoul
2004  Artificial Paradise, Kwan-hoon Gallery, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 The Preview  Hannam with ShinHan Card, Blue Square NEMO hall, Seoul

2021 Eonju Department Store 'Shining Stars' , Art space Eonju Round, Seoul

2020 Ordinary Summer Days, Lotte 'The Wave' art market, Seoul

2020 Lotte MVG LOUNGE 'Special Exhibition' , Lotte Depart Store, Seoul

2018  DAEGU PHOTO BIENNALE  'Frame Freely'_Themed Exhibition

          <Role-playing: Rewriting  Mythologies>, Daegue Cultural Arts Center, Daegue

2018  She is beautiful, Salon De Amaz, Seoul

2017  VISION & PERSPECTIVE 1999-2017: Cognitive Maping , Busan Museum of Art, Busan

2017  What is Your Colour?: I'll tell you my story, EcoRock Gallery, Seoul

2017  Contemporary Art Show_Conrad Pacific Place, Hong Kong
2017  Sigma Problem_Hell Chosun, Seoul Arts foundation, Seoul
2017  Pink Art Fair, Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul 
2016  The Photography Collections, Sung-kok Art Museum, Seoul
2013  New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Brussels
2010  New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing
2010  New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris
2010  Chaotic Harmony : Contemporary Korean Photography, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, LA,USA
2009  Chaotic Harmony : Contemporary Korean Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,USA
2008  Sex in the City, SARAH LEE Artworks & Projects, LA, USA
2008  The Contemporary Korean photography ‘1948-2008’, 
          National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwa-cheon
2008  Kwan-hoon 30th Commemoration Exhibition ‘Perception and Impulse’, Kwan-hoon Gallery, Seoul
2008  Between the Beauty and the Grotesque, INSA ART FESTIVAL, Gallery Kim, Seoul
2008  Experience of the Art and play, Museum Festival, Il-hyun Museum, Gang-won Province 
2007  Metropolis in Sub-Way-World, Duck-won Gallery, Seoul
2007  Kunst Doc Fest 2007, Kunst Doc Gallery, Seoul
2007  The Pleasure of Photography, Artbit Gallery, Seoul
2007  Say Again, Dong-duk Art Gallery, Seoul
2006  Time of the Face, The Face of Time, Art Space Hue, Seoul
2005  Vision & Perspective, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
2005  THE PARK, Olympic Museum, Seoul
2005  It's not magic, Alternative Space, Seoul
2005  The 2nd ‘Human Right Now!’, Cho-hung Museum, Seoul
2005  JUMF 2005 ‘Juan Media Art Festival’, In-cheon
2005  The 60th Commemoration Exhibition of the Restoration of Independence, 
2005  ‘The Suffering and Advance’, The National Assembly of Korea, Seoul
2005  Who我you ‘Eduart Festival’, In-cheon Synthetic Art Hall, In-cheon
2005  Roaming about City Parks in Dreams, Ssamzie-gil, Seoul
2005  Era and People, Marronnier Art Center, Seoul
2004  Pingyao International Photo Festival, Pingyao, China
2004  Sights on Cities, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
2003  Dong Gang Photo Festival 2003, Young-wol
2003  ‘UNCANNY’, Gallery La Mer, Seoul
2003  The Eyes of Young Photo IN&OUT, Konica Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
2002  The Selection, Gallery Boda, Seoul
2000  Gwang-ju Biennale Special Exhibition, Gwang-ju 
2000  Prospect 2000 'The Play at Housekeeping of the Doll', Time-space Gallery, Seoul


Awards & fellowships
The Seojin Art Space, Selected through Creative Support Competition
The Sung-kok Art Museum, Grant for Artist of Tomorrow
The Arts Council Korea, Grant for New Artist 
The 1st Photo Critic Prize, Seoul


Space22 Gallery

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, LA
Sung-kok Art Museum
The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea Art Bank
SOMA Museum
Dong-gang Photograph Museum


Reviews & Articles
2018   PHOTO DOT, September : (Special Photo) <The Reading body of Woman, by woman>

          ‘The Hot Punk Project of Photographer by Hyo-Jin IN’ pp.38-49

2017  June PHOTO DOT: Special Interview (The UnstableTypology of Women) pp.62-75

2012   Vol.007 Winter. BoBoDam : Talk & Art ‘The Lovers on the street in Art’, p.103
2012   News Maker, Magazine, March : Art in Korea_Focus on 'IN Hyo-Jin'
2009   Weekly Han-kook, June : Enfant terrible of Culture (Interview)
2009   Photonet, May, ‘Unstable Order’ (Review of Solo Exhibition), p116
2008   Hankyoreh Newspaper, January. 11 : 
2008   ‘The under world of the Metropolis : The Getting Lost nomads’, p.25
2007   JoongAng Sunday (culture) Oct. 21 : ‘Looking at the subway again(3)’
2006   MBC Broadcast, The Four Colors of Culture, September, 13
2006   (Introduction of my works and Interview)
2006   Wolganmisool No.257 June : ‘Post-Next Generation’, p.119
2005   GQ Korea, Magazine, August : ‘Now, Korean Photography’
2004   Art in Culture, Otc : ‘One Sunday Afternoon’ (Review of Solo Exhibition), p124
2003   ‘The Korea Hearld’ (Seoul edition), Aug. 26, 
2003   ‘Artists on the Edge(7)_Sunday in the Park, Unhappy Family’ (Interview), p9 
2000   MUTTS, August : Magazine of Japan (Interview)
1999   Photo Critic Magazine(#6) Winter, pp.162-163


2020 JOA 'The Special Reading For Photography' , Monthly Photo, pp.28-31
2018  Ban E-Jung, 'The Art of Same Age in Korea 1998-2009' , Mimesis, pp.497-498

2013  Ban E-Jung, The Things Reader, Published by Semicolon, pp.154-155
2009  Lee il-woo, The Dreaming Photography, Published by Korean House, pp.204-211
2005  Kim Nam-Jin·Jung Hoon, Roaming about City Parks in Dreams :
2005  Playing in a City at the Moment of Eternal Recurrence,
2005  Published by Noonbit Publishing Co., pp.44-49
2004  The National Photographic Association, Sights on Cities,
2004  Published by Noonbit Publishing Co., pp.125-132




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